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Oak City Church is here to create a family of Spirit-Filled believers who are actively experiencing more of God, walking in their God-given identity, and partnering with Jesus to demonstrate His Kingdom on The Earth.

We have created specific events to help us accomplish the Mission of Our House

and would love for you to join us for them. Some of our events require registration, so please make sure to click the link below to ensure that you are registered if need be.

To learn more about any event below, you can email us at

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SEPTEMBER 24- Oak City Worship Auditions

SEPTEMBER 24- Oak City Youth Group

Email for more info and to register

SEPTEMBER 26- Worship Room


OCTOBER 1- Child Dedications

OCTOBER 1 - Elements Class

OCTOBER 3- Worship Room

OCTOBER 7- Prophetic Rooms

OCTOBER 10- Worship Room

OCTOBER 10- Outreach | Prayer Walk

OCTOBER 14 - Men's Breakfast

OCTOBER 17 - Worship Room

OCTOBER 22 - After Church Cookout

OCTOBER 22 - Oak City Youth Group

Email for more info and to register

OCTOBER 24 - Worship Room

OCTOBER 31 - Worship Room


NOVEMBER 3- More Night with Blake Healy

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